Long Gone from Hong Kong.

We've arrived in Newark and are officially gone.
Our last 16 hour flight was unlike the many others we've taken. The entertainment system was down, meaning no movies, power adaptors, or ability to control the lighting. Not the most enjoyable flight ever, but we made it...and it gave me alot of time to reflect on the past 28 months. 

Living abroad was a gift. 
 It was an adventure we weren't willing to pass up, and I'm so thankful we leaped out of our comfort zone for a couple years. I've grown in ways I never thought possible, and am coming back a different person than when I left. We've seen alot of places, countries I never thought I'd make it to, and they have all left their footprint on me, and my view of the world. 

If you are given the opportunity to live outside of the US, go for it. Would we do it again? In a second. Leaving Hong Kong was hard. I don't think either of us was really ready for it. Change is not something I embrace, but exciting things are to come as we start to find our footing again back on US soil.

Thank you for following us, for being interested in our life abroad, and for supporting us, as so many of you have.
I'll keep you posted if I ever decide to blog again.

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Little Momma & Co. said...

I don't really think I want Long Gone to be over! I think you should keep us updated as you reaclimate with US soil :) So glad you guys are back safe and sound, can't wait to catch up soon!!!

Lots of love,